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November Round Table

The next Round Table is on Sunday, Nov 3rd at Quality Foods in View Royal.  10am-1pm

110-27 Helmcken Rd. across from Victoria General Hospital

Take the stairs or elevator across from the deli counter where you order Chinese take out.  When you get to the second floor, turn left off the stairs or right off the elevator and you will see the meeting room (just past the Starbucks coffee bar).

Bring some magic you’d like to share or work on.  See you then!

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November 17 – Mark Strivings Lecture

The final lecturer of the Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series for 2019 is Mark Strivings!

Mark Strivings is a full-time pro based in the Denver area. He has lectured throughout the US, performed for ‘Monday Night Magic’ on Broadway, headlined twice for MINDvention in Las Vegas, lectured twice for Penguin Magic’s online series, lectured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and been a featured lecturer/performer for the Psychic Entertainer’s Association on several occasions.

His material is featured in the acts of a number of working professionals the world over, and he is in high demand as a consultant. In addition to publishing 30 books on all aspects of magic, mentalism and kids magic, being featured on nearly 20 video productions and having nearly 80 commercial releases, Mark has been published in Genii, the Linking Ring, Magic Magazine, M-U-M, Laugh-Makers, Syzygy, The Magic Menu, Magick Magazine, The Altar Flame, Oracle Magazine, Vibrations and more.

Mark is often credited with having started the worldwide phenomenon of strolling magic with the publication of his 1996 classic book “Mobile Mentalism,” a movement that has literally exploded in the years since then. He is also the creator of the legendary Sight Unseen Case, recognized by Docc Hilford as”One of the top ten devices ever created for the working mentalist.”
As a working pro Mark is truly a general practitioner in that he performs magic, mentalism, hypnosis, close-up, parlor, stage, strolling, kids and family, comedy and more, and his lectures reflect his wide experience.

Mark’s new lecture, “G-Flat 9” truly has something for everyone from close-up to parlor to stage. Everything in the lecture is very unique and all extremely simple to perform. In fact, be sure that you bring a deck of cards with you to the lecture because you are going to perform a couple of the effects for yourself before you even learn them. It’s a unique experience, to say the least.

Plus… even if you are very familiar with Mark’s material, most of this new lecture will be brand new to you because Mark is releasing material that he has been guarding closely, for decades in some cases.

When: Sunday, November 17th, 2019
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Langford Firehall #2 (3205 Happy Valley Road)
Price: $40 (but 50% discount for members in good standing… that’s only $20! What a bargain!)

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Nov 8-10 – 3 of Clubs Convention

Just a reminder of the 3 of Clubs Convention being hosted by Ring 92 on Nov 8-10 this year. More info and registration can be found here.

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October Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Oct 15th at Langford Firehall #2. Start time is 7:30pm.

The Showtime theme will be: Rope Magic
Teach-a-Trick will be by: Colin Holt

See you all there!

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