Ray Parker Unopened Deck Award

This award is presented at the March Club meeting to the Club magician who performs the most creative card effect using a previously unopened deck of playing cards.

  • The routine must be performed with a new, previously unopened deck of playing cards provided by the Club. A nominal fee may be required as an entrance fee/to purchase a deck.
  • The competition will be limited to a maximum of eight contestants. First eight applicants get to compete.
  • The maximum time allowed for performance will be eight minutes. Any contestant exceeding eight minutes will be disqualified.
  • Competitors will be allowed to use secondary objects (pen, wand, wallet, etc) to enhance their effect but the focus should be on the most creative routine using a previously unopened deck.
  • The order in which contestants will compete will be determined by drawing their names from a hat.
  • Two non-competitors will serve as judges to ensure that rules are observed and will also give an extra vote for entertainment value, skill and presentation.
  • Everyone else present, including guests, will be allowed one vote for their favorite performance.

Past Winners

2019 Joseph Sisson
2012 Chris Yuill