The Victoria Magic Circle has a a few awards we give out every year. See below for the list of awards and their requirements.

Ray Parker Unopened Deck Award

This award is presented at the March Club meeting to the Club magician who performs the most creative card effect using a previously unopened deck of playing cards.

  • The routine must be performed with a new, previously unopened deck of playing cards provided by the Club. A nominal fee may be required as an entrance fee/to purchase a deck.
  • The competition will be limited to a maximum of eight contestants. First eight applicants get to compete.
  • The maximum time allowed for performance will be eight minutes. Any contestant exceeding eight minutes will be disqualified.
  • Competitors will be allowed to use secondary objects (pen, wand, wallet, etc) to enhance their effect but the focus should be on the most creative routine using a previously unopened deck.
  • The order in which contestants will compete will be determined by drawing their names from a hat.
  • Two non-competitors will serve as judges to ensure that rules are observed and will also give an extra vote for entertainment value, skill and presentation.
  • Everyone else present, including guests, will be allowed one vote for their favorite performance.

Tony Trophy

This trophy, donated by Tony Eng, will be presented annually to the Club magician who performs the most original close-up trick or routine.

      Tony Award

This award, donated by Tony Eng, will be presented annually to:

“The Club magician who performs the most original close-up (or parlour) trick or routine.”

This is to be considered a special meeting event honouring the memory of Tony. Consideration should be given to inviting guests. The Club backdrop and possibly extra lighting should be used. Each act should be introduced by an MC.

1. The club Exec will decide which Club Meeting to dedicate to the competition and this will be published in the Newsletter and on the Club web site at least two months before the competition. In the past there has been an effort to hold the competition at the JAN Club Meeting so that the award can be made at the Magic Dinner.

2. The trick or routine must be close-up(or parlour)in nature and demonstrate distinct elements of originality in concept and/or presentation.

3. There must be a minimum of three performers for a valid competition.

4. The President will select three experienced Club members(a Head and two others) to judge the competition. Judging and scoring will be based on the following:


Presentation must be close-up (or parlour) in nature and demonstrate distinct elements of originality in concept and/or presentation. Consideration will be given to creativity and inventiveness in the presentation and content.


Handling of sleights, manipulation, secret moves, magic principles, technical skill, music/sound effects.


Deportment, use of volunteer/audience, evidence of a beginning, middle and an ending with fluidity throughout. Ability to recover if something goes wrong, use of the close-up(performing) area, visibility to and respect for audience, evidence of showmanship, timing of moves and or/effects for impact.


Diction, story line, use of significant language, and communication with audience.


Overall impression, sustaining the interest of the audience, strength of the magic and/or effect, entertainment value taking into account the type of audience present.


Consideration to presenting in a professional manner—choice of clothing, neatness, presence and/or attire reflecting the performer’s character.


The audience will be asked to vote by ballot on their favourite act.

5. The audience ballots will be collected and given to the judges’ panel. After judging is completed the winner may be announced by the Head judge or this could be delayed until the Magic Dinner.

Wansbrough Best Comedy Magic Trophy

This trophy was donated in 1985 to the Victoria Magic Circle by Bill Wansbrough for presentation annually to the Club magician(s) who presents the best comedy act at a function organized by the Victoria Magic Circle.

  • Competitors will perform during the first part of the Mirth and Magic Stage Show or, if this is not held, at a Wacky Wednesday.
  • There must be a minimum of three participants for a valid competition.
  • Competitors must be members in good standing of the Victoria Magic Circle.
  • Acts will be planned not to exceed eight minutes.
  • The members of the audience will be the judges for the competition. They will receive a ballot form with the names of the competitors. At the finish of the competition they will be asked to tear off from the ballot form the name of their choice for the best comedy act and to drop it into a ballot box.
  • Ballots will be counted by an assigned member of the Club. The competitor with the most ballots will be announced as the winner at the end of the show.
  • While there are many forms of humour including those related to the allied arts such as ventriloquism and clowning, competitors should understand that the trophy is for COMEDY MAGIC so that magic must be given appropriate emphasis in their acts. Also, the audience will likely include young folk as well as adults so good taste must be used in the selection of material.

Farquhar Magician of the Year Trophy

This trophy was donated to the Victoria Magic Circle in 1985 by Bill Farquhar for presentation annually to the Victoria Magic Circle magician who during the year made an exceptional contribution to meeting the objectives of the Club and whose magic activities outside the Victoria Magic Circle brought credit to magicians and the Art of Magic.

  • Starting in November, the previous year’s Farquhar award winner will oversee the selection process for the current year.
  • Selection will be by vote of members in good standing who have attended a minimum of four regular meetings of the club during the period January to November inclusive. The list of eligible voters will be provided by the Sgt-At-Arms.
  • No one can be selected twice in succession. Last year’s winner is not eligible.
    No member can win the award more than three times. For details on the three-time limit refer to Awards, Farquhar Trophy, in the Plans and Policy Manual.
  • Sometime after the November club meeting the eligible voting members will be contacted for their selection by the the previous year’s winner of the Farquhar Award.
  • Selection of the winner will be by a majority of recorded votes.
  • The winner of the trophy will be announced at the Annual Magic Dinner.
  • Where possible a member of the Farquhar family will make the presentation.
  • The Recipient of the Farquhar Award does not pay Victoria Magic Circle dues for the following year, as a token of appreciation for their hard work. This sponsorship was bestowed with the award in 1985 when the Farquhar Family gave the Victoria Magic Circle a cheque for $1000.00.
  • The Club President will make sure that information on the upcoming nomination process for the Farquhar Trophy is contained in the NOVEMBER Newsletter and factors to be considered in making the selection will be included. These could include: volunteer work, attendance record at club meetings and functions and contributing at functions by organizing, performing or helping. It is important that the voting members know the criteria and have time to consider their selection before being contacted.

Round Table Award

This award is presented at the June Club meeting to the Club magician who has shown in the past year the most growth in performing and presenting magic or who has contributed the most to the ongoing development of the Round Table group.

  • Selection will be by a committee of Round Table members nominated by the Round Table Chairman.