Victoria Magic Circle

As members of The Victoria Magic Circle, we enjoy great camaraderie, participation, performance and volunteerism at meetings and shows, great learning (and reduced fees) at the Meetings, Round Tables and Magic Lectures we host, the privilege to use a great magic lending library (books, videos and DVDs).

In order to join the Victoria Magic Circle you must be at least 16 years old, and must begin by attending three Regular Monthly Meetings as a ‘Guest’. You must be sponsored by a Club Member to attend. Please know we are a friendly bunch and sponsorship is rarely a problem.

At your first meeting you will be given a welcome letter and some general info about the club, including our schedule of activities AND a VMC Member Application Form. By your 3rd (or at the commencement of your 4th) meeting you must have filled out this Member Application Form and given it to our President along with $20 for VMC Dues.

Once you have handed this form in, our members will have the opportunity to vote you in as an Interim Member.

Once you have been voted in, you will be given your Member Package, which among other things includes an Application to join the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), which we are a part of. You can also find the IBM Application Form on the IBM Website, You must join the IBM within six months in order to complete your VMC registration process.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is a worldwide magic club with a rich history, a strong Magic Ethics Code, and more than 300 Rings in more than 73 countries. With IBM membership you will receive monthly editions of the magician’s magazine, ‘The Linking Ring’. The Linking Ring Magazine has articles about magic, magicians and conferences around the world, and is a great magician’s resource (please note, you may opt out of receiving the magazine for a reduced membership fee). As an IBM Member, you will be welcomed at any IBM Ring Meeting world wide. Please visit the IBM website, for more information.