Junior Magic Club

The Victoria Magic Circle’s Junior Magic Club is open to magic enthusiasts from age 10-16. The club is led by club members Frank Sanz and Kerry Zado, and usually meets on the second Monday of every month.

The instructors will teach the students a variety of magic skills throughout the year beginning with the basics and building on these as we go. Topics could include coin sleights, card techniques, parlour magic, presentation and speaking skills, character development and stage presentation.

At every session, each student is asked to perform a magic effect; either one that they have recently learned, or one that they have performed but would like to improve. The instructors will guide them, and help them master the presentation of their material.

Guest lecturers are often brought in to facilitate the course. Students are also given the opportunity to practice performing, enhancing the course experience and training them to project their voices and their performance. In addition, each student is asked to choose a stage routine that they will develop and improve throughout the year, with the goal of performing this routine for a public audience. At the end of the year, the Junior Magicians are invited to perform their routine(s) at a (semi)public performance, using the skills they have used throughout the year.

Student Selection
Due to the hands-on nature of magic and the limited one-on-one instruction time, only a small number of new students are accepted each year to join the Junior Magic Club. Generally, the traits of a good student in magic include:

  • desire to learn, hopefully having learned a few magic tricks prior to joining the club
  • ability to focus and follow step-by-step instructions
  • self-confidence and speaking ability
  • enthusiasm and a passion for magic

If you or your child are interested in joining please contact junior@victoriamagiccircle.com for an invitation to our next meeting. At the meeting we will assess their skills and fit, and contact you shortly after if we feel we can accept them into the club. If a student is not accepted, we do encourage them to re-apply the following year, as all of the above skills increase dramatically during every child’s development.