Wansbrough Best Comedy Magic Award

This trophy was donated in 1985 to the Victoria Magic Circle by Bill Wansbrough for presentation annually to the Club magician(s) who presents the best comedy act at a function organized by the Victoria Magic Circle.

  • Competitors will perform during the first part of the Mirth and Magic Stage Show or, if this is not held, at a Wacky Wednesday.
  • There must be a minimum of three participants for a valid competition.
  • Competitors must be members in good standing of the Victoria Magic Circle.
  • Acts will be planned not to exceed eight minutes.
  • The members of the audience will be the judges for the competition. They will receive a ballot form with the names of the competitors. At the finish of the competition they will be asked to tear off from the ballot form the name of their choice for the best comedy act and to drop it into a ballot box.
  • Ballots will be counted by an assigned member of the Club. The competitor with the most ballots will be announced as the winner at the end of the show.
  • While there are many forms of humour including those related to the allied arts such as ventriloquism and clowning, competitors should understand that the trophy is for COMEDY MAGIC so that magic must be given appropriate emphasis in their acts. Also, the audience will likely include young folk as well as adults so good taste must be used in the selection of material.

Past Winners

2023 Not Awarded
2022 Not Awarded
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Chris Yuill
2018 Not Awarded
2017 David J Attwood
2016 Not Awarded
2015 Not Awarded
2014 Dave Morris
2013 Not Awarded
2012 Michael Machek
2011 Not Awarded
2010 David Gifford
2009 Donald Dunphy
2008 Donald Dunphy
2007 Benoit L’Heureux
2006 Not Awarded
2005 Ray Parker
2004 Ray Parker
2003 Masa Nishigahara
2002 Not Awarded
2001 Not Awarded
2000 Not Awarded
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Not Awarded
1997 Winnie Cooper
1996 Aaron Jones
1995 Mike Brough
1994 Mike Brough
1993 Ernie Crockford
1992 Bob Buie
1991 Bob Smith
1990 Tony Eng
1989 Not Awarded
1988 Not Awarded
1987 Mike Brough
1986 Mike Harrison
1985 Mike Harrison