Gregory Wilson Lecture November 3

Gregory Wilson will be at the Langford Fire Hall for a lecture Tuesday November 3 at 7:30 pm $20 for members and $40 for guests. This will be a lecture you will not want to miss.

Gregory Wilson is a professional thief and world class sleight-of-hand expert. For over 25 years, in over 50 different countries, he has astonished audiences with his con artistry and unexplainable psychological deceptions.

A two-time FISM award winner, Gregory Wilson is much more than a magician. He calls himself a “deceptionist” who breaks laws and stereotypes at the same time!

As a world-class sleight of hand/con artist, he earns his laughs and his living on stage, with a perfect blend of magic, illusion, comedy and audience involvement.

A prolific creator, he is responsible for a long list of best-selling commercial releases, including:

* Revolution

* Hundy 500

* The Stockholder Wallet

* Ring Leader

* Exact Change

* Pointless

* FreaKey

He has also released several classic DVDs, including:

* On The Spot

* Off The Cuff

* In Action (volumes 1 – 3)

* Double Take

His published works include the now classic “Coffee House Conjuring” series from Magic Magazine, contributions to The Magic Menu, and a chapter in Paul Harris’s Art of Astonishment, volume 1.

Please join us for our season finale of the 2015 Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series with the one and only… Gregory Wilson!

Since this is would have been our regular meeting night the November meeting has been moved to Tuesday November 10



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