January 26 lecture update!

Because you’ve asked for it, here is an update on the extra special January 26th lecture!

The Schedule:

Sunday, January 26th 2020
11am-1pm – Ben Train’s Lecture

1pm-2:30pm – Lunch

2:30pm-4:30pm – Andi Gladwin’s Lecture

The Location:

Langford Firehall #2 (3205 Happy Valley Road)

The Cost:

If you are a member in good standing (meaning your dues have been paid up) and you attended the annual dinner, then you can attend Ben Train’s lecture at no cost.

If you are a member in good standing (meaning your dues have been paid up) but you are unable to attend the annual dinner, then you can attend Ben Train’s lecture at the usual, $20 for members and $40 for non members.

The Andi Gladwin lecture will also be as per usual, $20 for members and $40 for non members.

Lunch will be provided by the club!

Please note, if you intend to attend the lecture and the lunch, please RSVP with Heather via email or better yet, press the big red RSVP button in the newsletter sent out. Go ahead and check your email, I’ll wait…

The Lecturers

Ben Train has devoted over ten years to lecturing and performing across North America and Europe. Combining humor, psychology, and a little old-fashioned chutzpah, Ben creates an experience that will have you laughing out loud while your mind is being blown.

Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from his critically acclaimed book, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well!

There’s something in this lecture for everyone, from material you’ll need to practice to tricks so easy you’ll be able to do them before you leave your seat. You’ll learn magic that happens in your audience’s hands, read three people’s minds… instantly and with no sleight of hand, and discover new principles that will give you the tools to create your own powerful routines.

Equally important, Ben will also be talking about the theories behind the magic, including how to better connect with people, and create interesting, meaningful routines. So whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just yourself- this lecture is for you.

Andi Gladwin makes events both unbelievable and unforgettable. He is a world-class close-up sleight of hand magician who has performed all over the world at prestigious events such as on the world’s most expensive private yacht over New Year’s Eve, a Las Vegas television special and even in Washington, DC for President Obama’s Inauguration.

Perhaps Andi Gladwin’s greatest trick is how he divides his time between being a professional close-up magician, magic creator, author, co-founder of Vanishing Inc. Magic, and lecturer. His Master Pushoff and Multiple Revelation Project DVDs were best sellers and received rave reviews in all major magic journals. His “Magic Squared” effect is a true show stopper and his books 52 Memories and Blomberg Laboratories are both amongst the biggest selling magic books of the last decade. Andi has lectured at the biggest conventions in the world including The Session, Blackpool, FISM, Magi-Fest, MAGIC Live, The Genii Convention, and many more. He was recently featured on UK TV’s “Next Great Magician,” Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion. Please join us as Andi Gladwin kicks off our 2020 season of The Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series.

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