Farquhar Magician of the Year Award

This trophy was donated to the Victoria Magic Circle in 1985 by Bill Farquhar for presentation annually to the Victoria Magic Circle magician who during the year made an exceptional contribution to meeting the objectives of the Club and whose magic activities outside the Victoria Magic Circle brought credit to magicians and the Art of Magic.

  • Starting in November, the previous year’s Farquhar award winner will oversee the selection process for the current year.
  • Selection will be by vote of members in good standing who have attended a minimum of four regular meetings of the club during the period January to November inclusive. The list of eligible voters will be provided by the Sgt-At-Arms.
  • No one can be selected twice in succession. Last year’s winner is not eligible.
  • No member can win the award more than three times. For details on the three-time limit refer to Awards, Farquhar Trophy, in the Plans and Policy Manual.
  • Sometime after the November club meeting the eligible voting members will be contacted for their selection by the the previous year’s winner of the Farquhar Award.
  • Selection of the winner will be by a majority of recorded votes.
  • The winner of the trophy will be announced at the Annual Magic Dinner.
  • Where possible a member of the Farquhar family will make the presentation.
  • The Recipient of the Farquhar Award does not pay Victoria Magic Circle dues for the following year, as a token of appreciation for their hard work. This sponsorship was bestowed with the award in 1985 when the Farquhar Family gave the Victoria Magic Circle a cheque for $1000.00.
  • The Club President will make sure that information on the upcoming nomination process for the Farquhar Trophy is contained in the NOVEMBER Newsletter and factors to be considered in making the selection will be included. These could include: volunteer work, attendance record at club meetings and functions and contributing at functions by organizing, performing or helping. It is important that the voting members know the criteria and have time to consider their selection before being contacted.

Past Winners

2023 Not Awarded
2022 Not Awarded
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Joseph Sisson
2018 Justin Louie
2017 Kerry Zado
2016 Colin Holt
2015 Heather McNeill
2014 Steve Hignett
2013 Chris Yuill
2012 Eric Bedard
2011 Murray Hatfield
2010 Ray Parker
2009 David J. Attwood
2008 Justin Louie
2007 Paul Kilshaw
2006 Benoit L’Heureux
2005 Joy Kruger
2004 Shayne King
2003 Ron Bell
2002 Bob Reilly
2001 Not Awarded
2000 Not Awarded
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Not Awarded
1997 Not Awarded
1996 Julie Eng
1995 Eric Bedard
1994 John Gilliland
1993 Ron Bell
1992 VMC
1991 Ron Bell
1990 Jack Poulter
1989 Jack Poulter
1988 Tony Eng
1987 Tony Eng
1986 Ernie Crockford
1985 Ernie Crockford