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Next lecture June 9th with Patrick Redford!

June 9th is our next lecture of the year and it promises to be uniquely fun. We’ve got Patrick Redford coming to visit the Garden City to give us his unique take on all things mentalism.

Redford has made a career with his unique Mentalism and has caught the ears and minds of such notable folks as Banachek, Derren Brown, Keith Barry, Marc Salem, Andrew Mayne and many others. He has advised and created custom projects for some of the top names in our field and continues to produce a wide array of material that is considered to be among of the “best of the best.”

He has appeared at a variety of conventions around the world from IMX and Mindvention in Las Vegas to South Tynside’s International Magic Festival in England. He’s been seen on Finnish and American television and performed on stages throughout the USA, Canada, South America, South East Asia, and Europe. He toured with Masters of Illusion Live with highlighting his “Mind Tapped Art” and also worked behind the scenes helping to design one of the illusions on the world renowned show The Illusionists.

Save the date. Location to be announced.

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